25 December 2017

Sustainable Ship Recycling Company GSR Services Scoop Prestigious Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Award

The Business Worldwide Magazine's (BWM) Most Innovative CEO in the Ship Recycling Industry went to Henning Gramann of GSR Services GmbH.

Under the auspices of Global Corporate Excellence, the Award was the result of the green ship recycling company's ethics and innovations, together with its success both at home and on an international level.

Gramann established his company back in 2011 in order to improve recycling practices in the dismantling of disused ships. There were already plenty of dangerous activities within the industry when his company was formed, due to the fact many ships washed up on beaches or were otherwise handled in an unsafe manner. At the beach locations in particular the ships were often dismantled by workers unskilled in the practice with the result there were high casualty figures - some say that many of the statistics are featuring children.

A secondary casualty was the environment itself where pollution was also big negative factor in these locations.

A spokesman for BWM congratulated Gramann on his win and added: "It's always impressive to find a successful company with exemplary ethics such as GSR Services. Aiming to improve the physical safety of individuals and the environment is certainly something that should be highlighted and, I hope, followed up by others in the industry."

Gramann's company focuses on two main areas: (a) developing an Inventory of Hazardous Materials for ships where the locations and types of hazardous materials onboard are identified and (b) effective implementation of health, safety and environmental protection in the ship recycling industry itself.

All activities are in line with new legislation e.g. the 'International Hong Kong Convention for Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships' (HKC) from the International Maritime Organization and similar EU-Directives.

At the moment the company is targeting ship recycling companies in India and its surrounds and have also spent time working with colleagues from Japan. Gramann bases his company's success on the fact that they can take care of the legal compliance - in terms of health, safety and environment protection - for companies when it comes to dismantling ships, as well as allowing those companies to remain competitive in their marketplace.

In the meantime Gramann maintains his company remains committed to 'quality, rather than quantity.'

To find out more about this German-based company's ethics and the sustainable practices available to ship recyclers on an international level see www.gsr-services.de

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Source: pr news wire. 05 December 2017

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