03 November 2011

Marine Atlantic defends sale of former ferries:

The former Marine Atlantic ferry MV Caribou, now named the Caribo, sits on a beach in Alang, India. 
Marine Atlantic has released a seven-page document outlining the decisions surrounding the sale of the MV Joseph and Clara Smallwood and the MV Caribou.

You can read the full document by clicking the link below:

The Crown corporation says disposal of the ships in a non-environmentally friendly manner “would constitute a breach of the terms of sale and Marine Atlantic will consider its options up to and including legal action.”

In the document, Marine Atlantic provides answers to general questions about the sale of the ships.

The document says the MV Caribou was sold for $3.875 million and the MV Joseph and Clara Smallwood was sold for $3.8 million.

Those were the second highest bids received. The highest bidder did not complete the sales transaction and was disqualified from the process.

Marine Atlantic said it did not recycle the vessels itself because it would not fit into its business model and the corporation lacks the expertise.

The corporation said it did not pay to have the vessels recycled because it was seeking the best financial return for the people of Canada.

Source: Gulf News. By Brodie Thomas. 2 November 2011

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