25 July 2011

Uncompleted Cruise Ship Regency Sky ( Zoe ) off for Scrapping!

Reports have appeared on the ship scrapping register that the uncompleted hull of what was to be the cruise ship 'Regency Sky ' is to be scrapped in Turkey.

In recent years the name Zoe was on her hull.

This ship was being built as the ferry 'Stena Baltica' for Stena Line, having been ordered in 1984, but due to problems at the Gadansk shipyard she was not completed and bought by Regency Cruises in 1989.

She was towed to Greece and some work was carried out on her before Regency Cruises had financial problems and closed down.

In recent years there had been reports that she was to be completed as a modern cruise ship but later reports suggested that the hull, which was extended in Greece, was suffering from extensive rusting problems.

Source: Cruising Talk, 24 July 2011

MV Regent Sky:

MV Regent Sky was an unfinished cruise ship that travelled to several locations during her construction. She was initially being built as the ferry Stena Baltica, one of four sisters planned for Stena Line. Still incomplete, she was purchased by Regency Cruises, but her new owners filed for bankruptcy in 1995.
The ship was sold for recycling in July 2011.

Regent Sky in Elefsina. By Peter Kengo, Oct 2010

Regent Sky was originally ordered in 1979 and laid down under the name Stena Baltica. She was one of four fairly identical cruise ferries being built by Stocznia im Lenina, Gdansk for Stena Line, Stena Germanica, Stena Scandinavica and Stena Polonica. In 1986, her construction was cancelled (and her sisters' delayed) due to problems with the shipyard.

The unfinished hull was purchased by A. Lelakis, owner of Regency Cruises. Regency planned to put her into service as their first new ship, having previously purchased and converted ocean liners. Stena Baltica was towed to the Avlis Shipyards at Perama, Greece, where a USD $200 million process to convert her into a cruise ship began. The vessel was renamed Regent Sky at this time. 7,000 tons of steel were installed after she was lengthened 50 meters at Eleusis Shipyards.

In 1995, while Regent Sky was at the Avlis Shipyards of Chalkis, Greece and about 60% finished, Regency Cruises ceased operations. The vessel was seized by the National Bank of Greece and Hellenic Industrial Development Bank in July 1999. Since then, Regent Sky has moved from one lay up berth to another, including Perama, Ambelakia and then Kinossoura. All attempts to sell the vessel at auction have failed, making demolition her most likely fate. The Regent Sky had been laid up off Eleusis, Greece, until July 2011 when she was reportedly sold for scrapping.


Since her construction was halted, Regent Sky had rusted heavily. During her conversion Wärtsilä main engines were installed. After the bankruptcy of Regency, the engines were removed, leaving Regent Sky unable to move without being towed. The foremost part of her bow was never completed. There were several renderings of the completed ship, with one depicting her as Zoe, sporting a white hull and red funnel.

Zoe (Ex Regent Sky)

1984-1990: Stena Baltica
1990-??: Regent Sky
??–2011: Zoe
‘84- ‘89: Stena Line (planned)
1989-1996: Regency Cruises
’96- ‘99: Bank of Greece
’99- ‘04: Sea Nomad Maritime
2004- 2011: Unknown
Port of registry
In service
1997/98 (planned)
IMO number
Sold for recycling in 2011
General characteristics
55,000 tons
574 ft. (1986); 748 ft. (1990)
91 feet
22 feet


Abed kotob said...

can i know if the ship is for sale and the price ?

jamesarbrown said...


That must be her being broken up.

jamesarbrown said...


That must be her being broken up