19 December 2011

Information booklet on 'Asbestos on ships & in yards' available:

The information booklet “ASBESTOS ON VESSELS AND IN YARDS” has been printed and is now available.

The booklet covers a number of Asbestos Related issues such as:

- What is Asbestos
- Recognising Asbestos
- Asbestos and Health
- Ten Questions about Asbestos
- Dealing with Asbestos on board
- New Materials
- Legislation

a free copy of the booklet can be ordered at Sea2Cradle BV. Please send your name, address and company details and we will send the booklet to you. Please send your request to: sales@sea2cradle.com. 

When you require a number of booklets (i.e. for the vessels in your fleet) we will print the booklets and send them to you. You will be invoiced for printing and shipping costs. Please send your request to: sales@sea2cradle.com.

Source: Sea2Cradle. By Douwe Joustra, 1 December 2011

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