19 December 2011

Environmental Permit Has Been Issued : Swansea Drydocks

Today, the Environment Agency issued Swansea Drydocks’ (SDL) Environmental Permit.

Since April, when preparations for the  launch of the new facility began, we have invested over £1million on infrastructure to ensure safe and environmentally sound ship repair and recycling operations. We have considered, planned, and implemented plans not only for the infrastructure, but also for our management, quality, health, safety and environmental systems and our operational techniques. We have also established a highly skilled management team, which is still growing, and a core team of employees, which will certainly grow over the next few months.

In addition, our capital expenditure plans include major investment in machinery and equipment, demonstrating our long term commitment to developing a successful and sustainable business in Swansea.

We are now ready to begin operations, and look forward to growing a thriving business that we and Swansea will be proud of.

Source: swansea drydocks. 19 December 2011

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