19 December 2011

T.P Blankestijn appointed as Consultant for China Ship-Recycling Association:

Joint Press release China National Ship Recycling Association and Sea2Cradle.

China Ship Recycling Association appoints new President

Beijing, 6 December 2011

At its 20th anniversary in Beijing last month  the  China Ship Recycling Association has appointed  Xie Dehua as the new President of the association.

Xie Dehua is looking forward to working closely with the Recycling Facilities in China and the international community.

“Our goal is early and voluntarily implementation of the requirements of the Hong Kong International Convention for the safe and environmental sound Recycling of ships, 2009,” he said.

At the same meeting Mr. Tom Peter Blankestijn, managing Director of Sea2Cradle was appointed as Official Consultant of the Council of the China National Ship-Recycling Association.

“This is a great honour for me and my company. For me in particular as I am the 1st Non-Chinese individual holding this position. We have worked in close cooperation with the association over the past 10 years, and we look forward to assisting the association with the implementation of the Hong Kong Convention at the Chinese Recycling Facilities in the near future,” Mr. Blankestijn said.

The China National Ship Recycling Association is located in Beijing and is the Branch organization for all Ship Recycling Facilities in China. It is presently working closely with the Chinese authorities to implement the upcoming international requirements into national legislation. Focus will be on all Health Safety and Environmental issues.

Sea2Cradle is established to assist ship owners in their Green Environmental policy, with special focus of Inventories of Hazardous Materials, Ship Recycling Plans, supervision during the dismantling process and brokerage for Recycling with Green Recycling Facilities.

Contact details.

Mr. Xie Dehua
Phone +86 13801205078

Mr. Tom Peter Blankestijn
Phone +31 6 53677232

Source: Sea2Cradle. 7 December 2011

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