07 June 2013

Presentations in the ship recycling conference – Shiprec 2013:

Keynote address by Dr Stefan Micallef, Director, Marine Env Division IMO

Towards green ship dismantling scientific assessment of health, safety and environmental agenda by Deshpande

The Basel convention by Susan Wingfield

The Hong Kong convention a globally applicable standard by Simone Leyers

Ship recycling markets and the impact of Hong Kong Convention by Nikos Mikelis

Japan’s efforts on ship recycling issues

Systems engineering and responsible life cycle management in ship recycling

The inventory of hazardous materials and shipping related issues by Hirata

EU project: ship Digest and the role of Aliaga ship recycling company on development of Turkis by Arslan

Industrial global union activities on shipbreaking workers by Matsuzaki

Ship breaking industry of India by Rane

Analytics applications and ship recycling a road map by Alkaner

Ship digest: vocational education for the ship dismantling industry by Mckenna
Ship recycling in Bangladesh: A look the economic impact of the industry by Warwick

Training needs analysis for the Turkish ship dismantling industry by Arslan

How to dismantle a ship with four legs by Shiels

Floating ship recycling platforms  by Lundberg

Practical approach towards green recycling by Overgaard

Recyclecon standard contract for recycling of ships by Almström

The bela cases on ship breaking by Hasan

Improving occupational health & safety standards within the ship dismantling industry through by Mckenna

The EU law making process on ship recycling by Brunzema

Good governance in the ship recycling industry by Bhirugnath bhookhun

Integrated risk assessment framework for ship recycling sector by Hiremath

Green ship recycling: What did we achieve? Where do we go? by Uytendaal

The developments in the eu on ship recycling regulation by Varelidis

Impacts of ship recycling activities to marine environment by Neser
How to put the requirements of the hk convention into action and can it be done economical by Rozenveld

Inventory of hazardous materials the hazmat expert criteria and acceptance by Rogge

Challenges posed by the entry into force requirements of the hong kong convention by Cameron dow

Ship recycling industry in bangladesh regulatory mechanisms by Sultana

China’s accession to hong kong convention by Qian

The ihm, shipping and the future of the convention by Stawpert

What difference can hong kong convention make to ship recycling in india by Pandey

Linkage between basel convention and hong kong convention by Baumler

Improved stakeholder management at aliaga ship recycling yards, turkey by Tunarli

The role, actions and projects of the ngos  by Asolekar

Role of the ngo shipbreaking platform for making ship recycling clean and safe by Heidegger

Gramann alternative utilization of ihms

Source: World Maritime University

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