19 August 2011

Scrap demand from shipbreaking rises in Turkey:

ANKARA: Scrap demand from shipbreaking has remained strong in Turkey since late July following the high prices for imported scraps.

 Aliaga shipbreaking yard

This year Turkish shipbreakers dismantled 245 ships for a total of 410,000 MT of steel.

The prices of melting scrap from shipbreaking are now quoted between $465-475/MT, which is almost $5.00-$6.00/MT higher than the July prices.

Aliaga Shipbreaking Yard in Izmir, Turkey
The only shipbreaking yard in Turkey is in the western town of Aliaga in Izmir. It supplies scrap to steel mills in the region, such as Cebitas,Izmir Demir Celik, Ozkanlar Demir Celik,  Habas, Ege Celik.

Source: Scrap Monster. 17 August 2011

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