11 October 2011

Weber Weekly Tanker Demolition Report for WEEK 40 of 2011:

Week 40: 7 October 2011

VLCC – Single hull tonnage:

With  interest  in  single  hull  tonnage  effectively  over,  there  are  now just  3  single  hull  units  trading  in  the  spot  market  at  a  rate  of about one per month.

During September 2010 there were 5 single hull fixtures reported, illustrating  that  although  small  there then remained  an  observable  market  share for  such  tonnage.

Tankers: Projected Deliveries/Removals

Reported Tanker Demolition Sales:


“JAG PARI” 29,139/82 – 8,775 LDT
-Sold for $510/ldt, basis as is, Colombo and including 300 MT IFO ROB (unit converted to DH 12/2008).

Source: Hellenic Shipping News (Sourced from www.crweber.com). 8 October 2011

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