05 August 2011

Development difficult shipbreaking yards in Europe:

European shipyards Association (CESA) to the European Parliament has written a study, content development around Europe, the possibility of shipbreaking industry, the conclusion is due to high costs in Europe, if not the EU funding assistance, shipbreaking yards is hardly room for development .

LUKEN, Secretary General pointed out that in South Asia such as India and Pakistan's shipbreaking yards, each worker's labor cost per day only 1-2 U.S. dollars, but the same work in Western Europe will need 250 U.S. dollars, simply can not be compared, and the European shipbreaking has to follow EU regulations scrapping taxes paid, profits and therefore substantially reduced. He said that if Europe is to develop shipbreaking industry, they must rely on the EU to help, or pose a real problem.

The report noted that over the past 20 years of ship recycling facilities in Europe has been marginalized, there are few shipyards in Europe to provide shipbreaking technology, to revive the shipbreaking industry, then, the introduction of new equipment is a viable approach.

The report also refers to the implementation of the development of shipbreaking industry in the EU, it should take into account various issues, such as whether to use "green" shipbreaking yards of the owner to provide any financial assistance and so on.

European shipbreaking yards to the implementation of EU environmental and ecological protection standards, but the cost is high, on the contrary in the environmental and ecological protection of shipbreaking yards in Asia and the safety regulations on the much more lenient, but there are many environmental groups criticized the dismantling of equipment in Asia and the EU environmental standards far apart, and the dismantling of old ships in the process are often the release of asbestos and other harmful substances.

Source: LookMach.com. By Ta Kung Pao. 11 March 2011 

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