08 July 2017

R.J. MacIsaac meets shipbreaking competition


LIVERPOOL - R.J. MacIsaac’s shipbreaking yard in Liverpool seems to be getting some tough competition from an Ontario company.

Three tenders for shipreaking have recently been awarded to Marine Recycling Corporation in Port Coburne, Ontario.

The three ships were all based in Nova Scotia.

They include the old Digby Ferry, Princess of Acadia. The tender was awarded on June 20 for that ship for $2.2 million dollars.

Two earlier multi-million dollar contracts, for the preserver and the Quest, were also awarded to the same company. Those vessels were in a Halifax dockyard.

R.J. MacIsaac had earlier been awarded the tenders for the disposal of the former Protecteur, Iroquois, and Algonquin. They were taken to Liverpool from British Columbia as part of a contract worth about $50 million.

Source: the advance. 22 June 2017

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