09 March 2017

Japanese firm to build ship recycling plant in Philippines

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding is reportedly going to invest around $100 million on project.

The Japanese shipbuilding company Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., has reportedly announced plans to build a ship recycling facility in the Visayas region of the Philippines.

The Manila Standard reports that Tsuneishi will invest around 5 billion pesos (US $100 million) to build the plant, and the facility, when fully operational will result in 6,000 jobs.

In the article, Philippines’ Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez notes, “We met Tsuneishi president Kenji Kawano to discuss the expansion plans of Tsuneishi shipbuilding in the Philippines. Our discussions now also covered a prospective third project on ship recycling, using the latest internationally accredited green technologies,” he said.

Source: recycling today global. 03 march 2017

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