26 March 2017

Could two more navy vessels be heading our way?


LIVERPOOL - The federal government has issued two new public tenders for the ship breaking and disposal of former navy ships – and these ones are close by.

The former HMCS Preserver and the CFAV Quest are located in the Halifax dockyard.

R.J. MacIsaac Ltd. of Antigonish has set up a shipbreaking yard in Liverpool.

So far, the company has been awarded the tenders for the last three naval vessels to be recycled.

The former Protecteur, Iroquois, and Algonquin  were taken to Liverpool from British Columbia as part of a contract worth about $50 million.

According the federal government’s tender document, the Department of National Defence has a requirement dispose of the former HMCS Preserver, a Protecteur-class auxiliary oil replenishment ship, and the former CFAV QUEST, an Auxiliary General Oceanographic Research/Oceanographic Research Ship.

The contractor will be required to prepare the ships for transfer, transfer each to the approved sites, demilitarize the controlled goods, return any museum material, and subsequently dismantle, dispose and recycle the vessels.

The tender will close on April 26.

According to the document, work must be completed on both vessels within 18 months of the contract being awarded. 

R.J. MacIsaac has not commented  on whether it plans to bid on the vessels.

Source: the advance. 25 March 2017

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