22 January 2017

Victim families of Gadani shipyard blast compensated:

TIMERGARA: The Gadani Shipbreaking Corporation on Saturday distributed compensation cheques worth Rs108 million among nine victims of Gadani shipbreaking incident from Upper Dir, Lower Dir and Swat.

The incident occurred on November 1, 20016 in which of 29 labourers lost their lives. Nine labourers from Malakand division were among the dead.

A function was held at Khall in Lower Dir. District Council member Malik Muhammad Zeb made efforts to help the victim families get compensation.

Seth Abdul Ghani, Babu Karim Jan and Gul Badshah of the Gadani Shipbreaking Corporation, Member Provincial Assembly (MPA) Sahibzada Sanaullah, Malik Sher Bahadur, Badshah Muhammad, member Tehsil Council Khall, Malik Aftab Hayat and family members of the victims were present on the occasion.

The Gadani Shipbreaking Corporation representatives distributed cheques worth Rs20,00,000 among nine victim families belonging to Upper and Lower Dir.  The Gadani Shipbreaking Corporation provided Rs15,00,000 while the Balochistan government gave Rs5,00,000.

Speaking on the occasion, Gadani Shipbreaking Corporation representatives said advanced tools had been provided to the labourers working in shipyard but sometimes they didn’t follow safety measures, which resulted in the loss of human lives. Malik Muhammad Zeb Khan lauded the Balochistan government for compensating the victims and deplored the indifferent attitude of the federal government.

Source: the news. 22 January 2017

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