26 November 2016

London event to address safe and efficient scrapping of ships

United Kingdom: The 4th Ship Recycling Congress organised by ACI, set to take place on January 25-26 next year in London, will highlight practical experiences with the aim of educating the shipping sector about how to profit from the safe and efficient scrapping of end-of-life vessels.

During the two-day conference, the European Commission's list of approved ship recycling facilities will be discussed in detail, highlighting the effects that it will have on Europe's ship recycling market.

Other hot topics to be tackled will include: methods of increasing ship recycling profitability despite low steel prices; and latest 'green' ship technologies that promote more efficient recycling procedures.

Additionally, the event will follow up on potential solutions to safety issues and health risks to which workers may be exposed outside the EU while promoting a fresh insight into technological and practical systems for hazardous waste tracking.

Source: recycling international. 21 November 2016

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