03 August 2016

GMS announces growth of its Green Team with the addition of a 4th PhD professional:

GMS, the world’s largest cash buyer of ships and offshore assets, proudly announces Dr. Anand Hiremath’s successful completion of his Doctorate thesis on the “Development of integrated risk assessment framework for best practices in ship recycling” with the Indian Institute of Technology of Mumbai, India.

Ship recycling plays a fundamental role in the sustainable cycle of a vessel’s lifetime, from building, to operation and finally recycling, and is a necessary activity for all vessels.

Dr. Anand Hiremath is a civil engineer and already holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology of Guwahati. He has been a member of the GMS family for the past year, based in Bhavnagar, India, where he works closely with a selection of yards to ensure compliance of the guidelines established by the Hong Kong Convention (HKC) for Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships while he collaborates with the Ship Recycling Industry Association (SRIA), the Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB), the Ministry of Shipping and other local organizations and governmental institutions.

Moreover, Anand is responsible for the development and implementation of our GMS Responsible Ship Recycling Programme (GRSRP) having spent two years in Alang, India researching and monitoring the Green ship recycling practices’ implementation at the local shipyards. He has participated in several projects on Green Ship Recycling, including the European Union FP6 funded project (DIVEST) and has conducted a study on preventive technological interventions for improving environmental attributes of ship recycling (Green Alang Initiative) funded by the Gujarat Maritime Board, Government of Gujarat, India.
We are extremely pleased to announce that Anand’s thesis based on extensive research at various shipyard facilities in Alang, India is perhaps the most comprehensive study on Ship Recycling, published in scientific journals in Europe, USA and India.

In an effort to add an extra layer of comfort to the Shipowners, GMS is the only cash buyer in the world to have a qualified person monitoring the Green recycling activities that take place at the certified recycling yards. He is in the position to provide the sellers of vessels with a monthly ship recycling report describing the green recycling process for their end-of-life vessel, free of charge. Once again, GMS’ cutting-edge approach sets the bar higher in the industry with the addition of the after-sales free service to the Shipowners. Anand is overseeing this process among other duties.

Commenting on Anand’s academic achievement, Dr. Anil Sharma, President and CEO, GMS, said:
“Anand’s successful completion of his Doctorate thesis is absolutely fantastic news and the result of his hard working efforts at the green ship recycling yards in Alang. His research provides solid evidence that Responsible Ship Recycling can be conducted in India. GMS is the only company to employ a qualified professional with such depth of knowledge in Green recycling in Alang. This free service to the Shipowners, confirms GMS leadership and being one step ahead with our own CSR program in India”.

Dr. Anand M. Hiremath commented:
“I am so happy to receive my PhD following my extensive research and monitoring of the green recycling activities at the yards in Alang over the past six years. Very grateful for the recognition of my hard work and efforts, I would like to thank GMS for the continuous support and as a member of its prestigious ‘Green Team’ I am focusing now on the development of the GRSRP and the introduction of new services which will increase value for the Shipowners, the yards and will further accelerate the growth of responsible ship recycling in India”.

Source: Hellenic shipping news. 27 July 2016

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