11 June 2016

The Sustainable Shipping Initiative Appoints New General Manager

The Sustainable Shipping Initiative (“SSI”), a pioneering coalition of companies from across the global shipping industry, today announced the appointment of Ian Petty as its first ever General Manager.

The new appointment reflects the SSI’s strengthening in depth and wealth of industry experience, as well as its commitment to providing further resource to delivering its Vision of creating a truly sustainable shipping industry by 2040.

Ian Petty will take responsibility for the day-to-day running of the SSI and continuing to drive this agenda forward. He will be working closely with SSI members to deliver against core elements of the Roadmap, and engaging with and building strong coalitions and support for change within the industry.

Following a period of transition, Alastair Fischbacher, the SSI’s current CEO, will be appointed Co-Chair of the organisation, and will continue to have an oversight responsibility for the SSI. He will work with Ian and Stephanie Draper, SSI Chair, to ensure that the SSI maintains and accelerates its leadership of the industry to a sustainable future.

The SSI has made significant strides in the last few years, including the development of a landmark Roadmap, plotting the key milestones for success in delivery of the Vision; implemented a structure allowing tangible developments in key SSI workstreams on technology and finance; delivered on our shared commitments and showcased leadership; driven progress towards cost effective responsible ship recycling and raised awareness of the attractiveness of maritime careers as well as building the SSI’s reputation as a progressive and authoritative voice providing a long term industry perspective and charting a path towards a sustainable future for everyone.

Alastair Fischbacher said:
“Ian has a wealth of experience in commercial shipping, and will play a key role in driving forward the day-to-day operations of the SSI, championing the implementation of the Roadmap, and working closely with our members to pioneer the social, environmental, and commercial benefits of sustainability. Progress is being made, and it is critical that we continue to inspire the industry to change. This requires more resource from the SSI, as well as commitment from the wider market, including new members, who can work with us to realise our Vision of creating a better, more responsible and more profitable shipping industry.”

Ian Petty has nearly 40 years of experience working within the maritime industry. Prior to joining the SSI he was Director Group Operations and member of the executive management team at P&O Maritime in Australia and Dubai. He was also a Project Director at James Fisher Fendercare and James Fisher Marine Services as well as being a Class 1 Master Mariner with seagoing experience in a range of vessels and trades.

Ian Petty said:
“The SSI and its members have shown considerable commitment by investing their knowledge, resource and expertise to pro-actively inspire change within the shipping industry. The case for a sustainable shipping industry is clear, there is much at stake and a considerable amount that needs to be achieved. However, the opportunities are significant, and I look forward to playing my role within the SSI, as well as with our members and supporters in helping the industry seize them.”

The process to recruit Ian Petty as General Manager was conducted in conjunction with partner Spinnaker Global.

Source: Hellenic shipping news.

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