08 June 2016

No work on pontoon worries villagers:

No work was carried out to pull out the grounded pontoon , or continue the scrapping work for the second consecutive day at Arossim beach , sources said.

The pontoon had grounded on the beach more than 50 days back after it had been used to host a beach party outside a hotel.

The pontoon had gradually sunk in the sandy beach after heavy winds resulted in waves lashing the beach. A government-appointed committee had recommended, in a report, that the vessel should be removed before May 20 2016, as its hull had broken and worsening weather conditions would make it even more difficult to clear the beach of the nuisance.

On Tuesday, workers engaged by the charterer of the vessel, Arihant Ship Breakers appeared at the site, carried out a quick inspection and dispersed.

Apprehensions are being raised that the thick iron chain securing the pontoon to the winch may give way, which could result in the pontoon sinking back into the sand.

Convener of Cansaulim Against Corruption, Caeser Fernandes, visited the Arossim beach and alleged that there seems to be no urgency on the part of Arihant Ship Breakers to complete the task, nor is there any proper supervision by government authorities. "They could have increased the manpower and expedited the work," he said.

The villagers had initially demanded that the pontoon be refloated and towed away, but the state ports administration had stated that the hull has been broken and it was better to scrap the pontoon.

Source: times of india. 8 June 2016

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