10 December 2015

'Model' ship recycling facility close to start-up in Spain:

Spain: It has taken him three years of preparation and negotiating, and now he has all the necessary permits. In June 2016, Antonio Barredo of DDR Vessels will open a ship recycling facility in the northern Spanish port of Gijón, the entrepreneur told Recycling International during the 3rd Ship Recycling Summit this week in Brussels.

'Now that we recently have got the green light, we can move on with the project and final construction', he said. Since 2012 Barredo has been working on the development of the yard which is located on a disused bulk handling facility at the port of Gijón. Once completed, the plant is claimed to comply with 'all EU Ship Recycling Regulations and Hongkong Convention standards and beyond'.

Some Euro 3 million Euro has been invested in the facility. Barredo expects to process some 50 000 tonnes of scrap per year coming from small and midsized (navy) vessels. With the scrap DDR will supply the nearby steel mill of both ArcelorMittal Gijón and steel factories in the industrial heartland around Bilbao.

According to Barredo, the facility is to become 'a model to follow' for full decontamination, separation, treatment and recycling of vessels and vessel’s residues.

A detailed review of the Ship Recycling Summit will be featured in Recycling International's January/February 2016 issue.

Source: recycling international. 4 December 2015

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