10 October 2015

Demolition Crew Finds House Made Out Of Ship Hull

WEST PALM BEACH (CBS12) -- A construction crew demolishing a West Palm Beach home found quite a surprise.

Zdravko Mesaric bought the home at 533 Westwood Road in West Palm Beach's "Sunshine Park" neighborhood with plans to demolish the home on the site and rebuild.

Crews have now spent the past three days trying to demolish the home that turns out to have been built around a steel ship hull.

New property owner Zdravko Mesaric says it's believed the home was first built in the 1950's.

"Maybe that was the cheapest way to build a house back then, maybe the owner got for free a portion of the ship and he brought it down and set it on the foundation and added a couple more rooms after that," Mesaric said.

Crews having been working for three days to cut the hull into pieces.

Source: Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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