16 August 2015

Brussels to Host 3rd Ship Recycling Summit

Join ACI's 3rdShip Recycling Summit taking place in Brussels on the 2nd and 3rd December 2015 and hear Tom Peter Blankestijn, Managing Director, Sea2Cradle, who will present on Toxic Ship Recycling focusing on:
- Showing the preparation (IHM)
- Having a match between vessel and yard on the particulars of the IHM
- Creation of the SRP
- The actual recycling / demolition itself taking into account all the materials hazardous / non hazardous

Early Confirmed Speakers Include:
Henning Gramann, CEO, GSR Services GmbH
Wolfram Guntermann, Director Environmental Fleet Management, Hapag-Lloyd AG
Patrizia Heidegger, Executive Director, NGO Shipbreaking Platform
Wolfgang Hintzsche, Capt., B.Sc., Marine Director, VDR - German Shipowners' Association
Roy Watkinson, President, Roy Watkinson Environmental Consulting
Marc Van De Poel, Operations Director, Vandepoel Consultants
Nikos Mikelis, Non Executive Director GMS Inc, Mikelis Consulting
Antonio Barredo, Managing Director, DDR VESSELS XXI, S.L.
Gudrun Janssens, Senior Policy Advisor, OVAM | Public Waste Agency Of Flanders

Key Topics
What to Do With the Used Vessels?
Most Important Regulations Currently Applicable to Ship-owners
European Commission’s List of Authorized Ship Recycling Facilities
Common Ship Recycling vs Compliant Ship Recycling
Strategies on How to Convert Old Assets Into New Revenue
How to Capitalize on Toxic Ship Recycling?
Innovative Technological Solutions For Ship Recycling Facilities
How to Wisely Invest In Eco-Ships?
Cash Buyers’ Involvement and Their Role in Ship Deployment Process
Ship Deployment Logistics – Best Advice for Small, Medium & Big Shipping Companies
Financial Institutions’ View on Investing in Ship Recycling Industry
Ship Brokers Perspective on Legal Adjustments
Market News, Short & Long Term Future Trends Predictions
Making the Compliant Recyclers Ship-owners First Choice
What Affects the Scrap Value of Vessels and How to Maximize on the Available Opportunities
Successfully Ended Ship's Life Cycle - Case Studies

Speaking Opportunities:
Agnieszka Niemczewska
+48 6164 670 45

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Sam Cormack
+44 20 3141 0626

Registration or More Information:
Melanie Mulazzi

on: +44 20 3141 0605

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