19 January 2015

GMS weekly report on Bangladesh ship breaking industry for WEEK 02nd 2015:

A whole range of offers on available tonnages have been forthcoming from Bangladesh for some time now. Favored units will obtain a premium whilst older dry vessels in poor condition will receive much lower levels (now below 400) and provided there is any interest at all.

Indeed, it has become important to tailor vessels to particular end buyer enquiries as some have declared themselves out of the market altogether as they wait and watch market developments (perhaps fearing further falls), whilst others are looking to equalize their recent high priced purchases with vessels acquired at today's bargain rates (or even below).

However, despite talk of several larger LDT candidates coming for sale in the first half of January, owners have yet to cash in on their older units (even with rates on panamax and capesize bulkers as dire as they are), and if supply continues to slow, end users may have no other choice but to improve their numbers accordingly.

Source: steel guru. 14 Jan 2015

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