13 December 2014

The Authorisation of UK Ship Recycling Facilities to Enable Them to Recycle European Flagged ships

We want to make UK ship recycling facilities aware of the new EU Ship Recycling Regulation and to discuss compliance with its requirements.

-          Start of consultation: 10/12/2014
-          End of consultation: 20/01/2015

We are seeking your views on the proposed policy approach for the GB and Northern Ireland 2015 Regulations. The Regulations would introduce a domestic legal framework that implements the requirements of the EU Ship Recycling Regulation. They designate the relevant national environment Agency and the Health and Safety Executive as joint competent authorities.

The relevant Agency will depend on the location of the ship recycling facility wishing to become authorised (Environment Agency in England, Scottish Environment Protection Agency in Scotland, National Resources Wales in Wales and the Department of the Environment’s Northern Ireland Environment Agency in Northern Ireland). The proposed Regulations will empower the UK competent authorities to undertake the necessary functions to authorise UK facilities in accordance with the EU Ship Recycling Regulation.

The proposed approach will validate UK facilities who wish to be included in the European List to meet the environmental and health and safety requirements of the EU Regulation and will ensure that the necessary controls are in place to protect the environment, the health and safety of workers and the population in the vicinity of the ship recycling facility caused by ship recycling activities.

The consultation applies to Great Britain and Northern Ireland and is aimed at:
·         Ship recycling facilities or companies wishing to undertake ship recycling activities in the UK
·         Other businesses and trade associations principally engaged in the recycling of ships.
·         Ports and Port Authorities

Source: http://wales.gov.uk/consultations/environmentandcountryside/authorisation-of-uk-ship-recycling-facilities-recycle-european-flagged-ships/?lang=en

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