19 December 2014

GMS weekly report on Turkey ship breaking industry for WEEK 50 of 2014:

It appears that the last month of the year is likely one to bring and (hopefully) maintain stability in the Turkish market. The local sentiment has improved significantly and end buyers have started offering aggressive levels (as compared to recent offers) on available market tonnage.

The reason behind this not only appears to be the recent stability of the local steel plate prices and the domestic currency, but also the ever-increasing necessity for end buyers to conclude units in order to keep their facilities operating.

With positive sentiment returning and levels once again hitting the USD 300/Ton mark, the shores of Aliaga have become comparatively busier as about eight units were reportedly delivered last week.

Additionally, with levels from the Indian sub-continent markets still dithering, the Turkish market could not have picked a better time return to the fray.

Source: steel guru. 17 December 2014

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