30 October 2014

‘Dismantling the only option’

Two abandoned tralwers positioned atop a sunken vessel at the fishing harbour in Visakhapatnam on Wednesday. Photo: K.R. Deepak

Trawler owners argue that dismantling trawlers is different from ship-breaking. Dismantling in the jetty will not cause any kind of pollution whatsoever as they have tanks with no fuel or lubricants.

“Scrapping will not cause pollution of any kind as the vessels do not have any toxic or hazardous material and the hull is totally made of steel,” admits an official of Visakhapatnam port.

According to owners, dismantling of trawlers will not cause any kind of pollution. The trawlers are totally empty of any fuel and lubricants. There are no toxic or any hazardous materials/chemicals/gases/radiation/pollutants in the body of the trawler. The total hull is made of only steel. The engines can be easily dismantled and removed, and the steel body can be easily scrapped by simply cutting.

If a trawler sinks it will cause much more pollution and will be hazardous to other adjoining vessels which are berthed alongside. Also the jetty will not be available for further berthing of other trawlers, as the fishing harbour is already overcrowded.

Minister for HRD Ganta Srinivasa Rao, who inspected the harbour immediately after Hudhud ravaged it, told The Hindu that the government would hold a meeting with the officials of all the departments concerned to resolve the problem at the earliest.

Source: the hindu.

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