08 March 2014

Environmental report to delay Mundra ship recycling yard:

The Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests has sought a detailed report on the proposed ship recycling facility by the Adani group at Mundra.

This is expected to cause delay in the start of the facility which the company had proposed to make operational within 12 months of receiving the mandatory clearances.

The proposed project involves development of a recycling facility adjacent to the existing West Port, in Mundra near Vandh village in Kutch district. The project area covers 40.74 hectares of reclaimed land created by dumping dredge spoils.

While deferring the decision on the project, the Environment Assessment Committee has demanded detailed information on aspects like measures to prevent the spillage of oil and paint waste on land, sand bund during shipbreaking, along with quantity, method of disposal of contaminated soil in case of any accidental spillages, and so forth. 

It has further sought details of hazardous wastes disposal system, along with details of any agreement made with the Treatment Storage Disposal Facility, their permitted and operational capacity, and authorisation from the Pollution Control Board.

Source: sea trade global. 7 March 2014

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