22 January 2014

Two shipbreaking yard burn victims groaning at CMCH:

Two ship breaking yard burn victims groaning at CMCH

Tapan Jaladas with 38 percent burns, groaning in Chittagong Medical College Hospital yesterday after being injured from a fire ignited by an explosion while cutting a tank at Kabir Steel Ship Breaking Yard in Sitakunda upazila of Chittagong Sunday. His co-worker Md Lalu, not in picture, who also was burnt while trying to douse the blaze, was admitted with 16 percent burns. Workers at the yard alleged that they were not provided with fireproof jackets, something the authorities denied saying that they had given those to all the workers.

Two workers injured in a tank explosion in a shipbreaking yard in Sitakunda upazila of Chittagong on Sunday are now fighting for life in Chittagong Medical College Hospital.

With 16 percent burn injuries, Jaladas, 28, and with 38 percent, Md Lalu, 22, are undergoing treatment at the Burn and Plastic Surgery Unit at the CMCH, said Dr Mrinal Kanti Das.

Tapan's face, chest, left hand and the wrist of right hand were brunt while Lalu's entire face and left hand were burnt, he said.

Tapan, a foreman, was cutting a tank with a gas cutter at Kabir Steel Ship Breaking Yard around 9:30am. All of a sudden, it exploded and Tapan caught fire as there was gas inside the pipe, said Superviser Imran Uddin.

Lalu, while trying to douse the fire, was also caught the fire, he added.

Shridam Jaladas, a fisherman and father of Tapan, hailing from Shitalpur of Sitakunda, said Tapan had been working in the yard for 10 years.

Co-workers held the company responsible for not taking precautionary measures to save them from the accident.

Mokhles, a co-worker and Lalu's cousin, said Lalu of Gabtali in Bogra had been working there for four years.

Co-workers said the two did not wear fireproof dress.

“If they were provided with fireproof jackets during their work, they might have been saved from the burn injuries,” they said.

However, Dulalul Karim, director of the yard, claimed that they have provided all the workers with fireproof jackets.

“Our company is bearing all the expenses of their treatment,” he added.

Source: the daily star. 22 January 2014

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