20 January 2014

Ship demolition market slows in 2013:

Ship demolition activities slowed down in 2013 over the previous year, but the average age of ships getting scrapped is getting younger, according to French environmental watchdog Robin des Bois.

A total of 1,119 ships were demolished in 2013, a decrease of 16% in the number of ships scrapped and 20% in tonnage of metal recycled.

The environmental watchdog also noted that the average age of ships being taken out of service is getting younger at 28 years old in 2013 compared to 31 years old back in 2006.

Robin des Bois further highlighted that the top five shipbreaking countries – India, China, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan – have received 92% of the total number of ships broken up, or 1,029 ships.

“India saved its leadership in terms of units as well as tonnage, ahead of Bangladesh and China, but suffered a fall of 35% in its activity; in 2013, its relative share dropped to 26% compared to 40% in 2012. The other major shipbreaking countries saw a decline of 10% except China where the number of ships delivered in the scrapyards has been higher (+15%),” Robin des Bois said in a statement.

Dry bulk carriers accounted for 35% of the demolition market, followed by general cargo vessels at 22%, containerships at 16%, tankers at 15% and all other vessels at 12%.

Source: sea trade global. 13 January 2014

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