16 September 2013

Japanese city begins scrapping ship swept inland by 2011 tsunami:

TOKYO (AFP) - A northern Japanese city on Monday began scrapping a fishing boat that was swept far inland by the 2011 tsunami and became one of the most poignant symbols of the disaster.

Photo: Workers prepare for scrapping the large fishing boat, No.18 Kyotoku-maru, which was swept far inland by the 2011 tsunami in Kesennuma city in Miyagi prefecture, northern Japan on Sept 9, 2013. -- PHOTO: AFP
A ceremony to bless the ship was held nearby before workers started dismantling the 60-metre vessel, named the No. 18 Kyotoku-maru, according to officials in the city of Kesennuma, which was flattened in the disaster.

The scrapping operation came after nearly 70 per cent of local people said in an opinion poll that they wanted it gone.

The work is scheduled to finish by Oct 19, officials said.

Source: straits times. 09 September 2013

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