28 August 2013

Swansea Drydocks ship scrapping firm creates 25 jobs:

Up to 25 jobs will be created when a Royal Navy ship is brought to Swansea to be scrapped.

HMS Cornwall, which is moored at Portsmouth Harbour, has been bought by recycling firm Swansea Drydocks.

It is one of four decommissioned frigates sold in July by the Ministry of Defence raising up to £3m with the other three bought by a Turkish firm.

The two companies will recycle as many parts of the former Devonport-based ships as possible.

HMS Cornwall was decommissioned in 2011 and will arrive in Swansea later this year with the project due for completion in early 2014.

Swansea Drydocks was granted a permit change in April to expand its operation allowing it to extend the area where it dismantles ships to include a "wet berth".

It will temporarily store old vessels to start stripping fixtures and fittings and remove waste fuel.

HMS Cornwall will be the first ship to be stored here.

Source: BBC. 27 August 2013

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