13 July 2013

Two labourers die at Gadani shipbreaking yard:

Two labourers at Gadani shipbreaking yard fell to death on Friday, taking the toll of deaths to six in two weeks. Two labourers, Yunus and Ashraf, were climbing up to a ship when they accidently slipped from the surface and died.
A meeting of the Gadani Ship-Breaking Labour Union was called to discuss the grave situation emerging from the recent deaths of the workers. During a meeting of the labour union office-bearers, National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) deputy general secretary Nasir Mansoor said the ship-breaking industry had become a goldmine for investors but it was nothing but a death trap for the workers.
In two weeks, six labourers have died while many others have suffered serious injuries. “The government functionaries will be directly responsible if the reservations of workers culminate into to a great protest,” Mansoor alleged.
The Gadani shipbreaking industry provides direct and indirect livelihood to around one million families. Its 15,000 workers are at continuous risk of death and injuries owing to the absence of safety precautions.
A few capitalists have been earning massive profits from the industry, whereas, no effective safety measures have been taken for the labourers’ protection. The labourers are ignorant of the work conditions in the environment, which is filled with toxic chemicals and gases banned worldwide. Mansoor said such accidents at the yard had been claiming the lives of poor workers frequently.
Source: the news. 13 July 2013

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