06 April 2013

Welsh Ship Recycler Nearing Expansion Phase

Swansea Drydocks moves closer to receiving approval to expand.

The Environment Agency Wales (EA) has announced it is likely to allow Swansea Drydocks Ltd., a ship recycling firm, to make changes to its environmental permit to allow the company to expand its ship dismantling and scrapping operations in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom.

According to the EA, the decision follows an in-depth assessment into the proposals, which found that the permit change would not pose a risk to the health of local people or the environment. If the company receives the approval, the extension will allow Swansea Drydocks to temporarily store end-of-life ships in a new wet berth area where the company will be able to strip fixtures and fittings and remove any waste fuel and oil.

According to the EA, the restrictions within the permit will help ensure that the surrounding environment is protected during this process. The ships will then be fully dismantled in the dry dock area.

Before reaching a final decision, the U.K.’s Environment Agency will hold a second round of consultation to allow people to comment on any issues that have not been addressed as part of the decision-making process.

“We have carried out a rigorous assessment into these proposals and the company has demonstrated that they have the necessary measures in place to protect local people and the environment,” says Mary Youell, a spokeswoman with EA.

“This second round of consultation gives everybody the opportunity to view the revised permit we have drafted, discuss how we have reached our decision and bring any new issues to our attention,” she adds. “We will only allow the permit change once we are satisfied that the company will continue to operate safely and without impacting on local people or the environment.”

More information on the project is available at www.environment-agency.gov.uk/swanseadrydock.

Source: recycling today. 4 April 2013

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