07 February 2013

GMS weekly report on Indian shipbreaking industry for WEEK 5 of 2013

A bumper week in the Indian market saw no less than 10 market deals concluded -some at very impressive numbers indeed. The fear though, is that many of the prices on offer by over eager cash buyers are not representative of levels on the ground, as the markets have seen prices fall some USD 10-15/LT LDT in the last week alone due to softening scrap steel levels.

The appetite for containers continues with three larger LDT units sold into the 460s/LT LDT. The Singapore controlled BANJO BRIDGE (17,594 LDT) and VAN AMAZONAS (17,548 LDT) achieved USD 465/LT LDT - the younger age at 1998 built and attractive size may have been responsible for the price which still looks too firm today.

Another interesting sale concerned that of the Turkish owned panamax bulker ALMA ATA (15,583 LDT) for a crazy USD 440/LT LDT (the price reserved for a tanker today) -the 450 T of bunkers and 1999 build (even though keel was originally laid in 1992) has likely contributed its fair share to the hefty price on show. The sister ship from the same owners was sold into China.

The molten chip carrier NTABENI (12,251 LDT) - a complicated vessel At the best of times owing to insulation / cargoes - obtained a firm USD 420/LT LDT.

Source: GMS Weekly. 05 February 2013

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