31 August 2012

Scrap Metal Services reels in All Star twins:

United States: US recycler Scrap Metal Services (SMS) has acquired Texas-based ship recycling company All Star Metals (ASM) as well as All Star Shredding (AS).

‘The acquisition of ASM and AS will allow SMS the opportunity to expand our scrap service capabilities to our customers in a safe and environmental compliant fashion in a much broader geographic area,’ states SMS’s COO Richard Gertler.

'ASM and AS have ‘one of the highest environmental and safety ratings in the country and mirror SMS’s safety responsibility to its employees and the environment’, he adds.

Mr Gertler believes the acquisition might further refine his company’s response to the needs of its ferrous consumers while also providing a platform for significant growth of SMS’s business in the south west of the USA.

The ship recycling and scrap ventures were founded by Nikhil Shah in 2003. Operating a Newell 98-104 auto shredder, AS has specialised in processing obsolete and industrial scrap, and is capable of producing 180 000 tons of shredded scrap per year.

The acquired businesses are managed by Nikhil, Nirav and Lopa Shah, all of whom have agreed to join SMS’s management team.

For more information, visit: www.scrapmetalservices.com

Source: 23 August 2012

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