31 August 2012

Consultancy-Preparation Of Green Ship Recycling Policy-Gujarat by Sep. 24, 2012:

Consultancy Work for Preparation of Green Ship Recycling Policy to Encourage Ship Recycling Sector in Gujarat

Scope of Work

In order to exploit the natural benefit of 1600 line km long coast line and to meet the demand of steel through green route, Government of Gujarat wants to invite private developers-investors to develop & operate the state of the art of technology for ship recycling facility. The objectives of the Policy are as under:

(a) To make Gujarat as the world leader in safe & environmentally sound ship recycling operations.

(b) To develop & operate all kind of ship recycling \methods to yield the green steel and to reduce load on natural resources.

(c) To attract other industrial players in ship recycling sectors to emerge as ship recycling hub.

(d) To develop the cradle to cradle approach in ship recycling to support secondary coastal ship building and repairing facilities.

(e) To promote the secondary steel making sectors thus to contribute to India’s steel demand.

(f) To boost the recycling and re-use markets along coastal belt of Gujarat.

(g) To optimize the use of the natural resources including precious water front and coastal land.

(h) To utilize water front and land through developing integrated ship building yards having capability for ship recycling.

(i) To promote ship recycling in unutilized water front and back-up land within private port premises.

(j) To contribute to on-going programme of the Government of Gujarat to uplift coastal area development, employment generation and socio economic development of coastal regions.

(k) The consultant will have to prepare documents for Programmes and Plans to achieve the Policy.

Source: NGO Box.

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