15 July 2012

Historic Navy Cruiser, USS Long Beach, To Be Auctioned As Scrap Metal By Government

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June 20, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- In support of one of the largest green and zero-waste initiatives in U.S. government history, the USS Long Beach, commissioned as the first nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser, is being auctioned for her scrap metal components through Government Liquidation, the exclusive sales channel for surplus and scrap assets from the Department of Defense. The USS Long Beach, currently located at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, WA, is being sold for her non-hazardous and demilitarized base materials in the form of 7.35 million pounds of steel, aluminum and copper wiring along with galley equipment, fixtures and furnishings including tables, chairs, lockers and bunks. The sale and scrapping of the USS Long Beach joins the over one billion pounds of DoD scrap metal and 55 million DoD surplus items that, in the past decade, Government Liquidation has sold to the public for reuse and subsequently kept out of a landfill. Starting Tuesday, July 10, 2012, Government Liquidation will be accepting bids on this ship through its online marketplace, http://www.govliquidation.com .

"As a recognized cost saver and solution provider for the DoD we are prepared to find the cruiser a home through our global base of over 34,000 professional scrap buyers," said Tom Burton, President of Government Liquidation. "We receive 20-30 million pounds of scrap metal per month at military installations across the country which are then identified, sorted and prepared for sale; our top priority on each scrap sale, from a pallet of mixed metals to the USS Long Beach, remains on maximizing efficiency and recovery value for our government partner while adhering to safety, environmental and security compliance."

For over a decade, Government Liquidation has been the exclusive sales channel for scrap and surplus property from the Department of Defense. Over 19 million scrap and surplus items in 500 commodity categories are sold per year via its online auction site www.GovLiquidation.com . Bids for most items start at $150; this includes vehicles, medical equipment, aircraft parts, field gear, scrap metal and watercraft. Government Liquidation's extensive buyer base extends the useful life of these items by either refurbishing or repurposing the items for use in their own businesses.

The USS Long Beach scrap auction begins Tuesday, July 10 at 12 a.m. ET and closes Thursday, July 12 at 8 p.m. ET. For more information on the auction including photos and placing bids, please visit: http://www.govliquidation.com/auction/view?id=5401919&convertTo=USD

About the USS Long BeachUSS Long Beach, commissioned in 1961 as the first nuclear-powered surface vessel, was the first guided-missile cruiser designed and constructed after World War II and the last ship built on a traditional cruiser hull which lead to her being called "The Only Real Cruiser." Originally designed as an "all-missile" ship, she was later fitted with two 5"/38 caliber gun mounts at President John F. Kennedy's order. During the Vietnam War, she first served out of Norfolk, VA and then in 1964 joined up with two other nuclear warships for Operation Sea Orbit: the first all-nuclear cruise around the world. After Vietnam, the ship performed routine duties in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean; she was deployed throughout the 1980s and provided support during the Gulf War in 1991.

After USS Long Beach was deactivated in 1994, her superstructure was removed and her reactors were defueled. From there, she was towed through the Panama Canal to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard where she has been waiting to be recycled as prescribed for nuclear powered vessels.

About Government LiquidationGovernment Liquidation ( http://www.govliquidation.com ), a Liquidity Services, Inc. LQDT +3.54%  marketplace, is a contractor of the DLA Disposition Services for the sale of surplus and scrap assets of the United States Department of Defense. Government Liquidation operates an innovative and powerful online sales channel that enables surplus and scrap buyers to purchase available government assets in a convenient and open environment in over 500 commodity categories. For more information, visit http://www.govliquidation.com .

Source: Government Liquidation

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