21 July 2012

2nd ship sunk during RIMPAC exercises off Hawaii:

HONOLULU (AP) - Navies participating in Rim of the Pacific exercises of Hawaii sank a decommissioned supply ship in waters more than 15,000 feet deep.

The Canadian submarine HMCS Victoria launched a torpedo that took down the former USS Concord about 60 miles off Kauai on Tuesday.

The Concord is 1 of 3 decommissioned ships the military plans to sink during the exercises. The Navy sank the former USS Niagara Falls in waters off Kauai over the weekend.

Environmental and costs concerns had prompted the Navy to observe a moratorium on using old ships for target practice. The Niagara Falls was the first to be sunk since 2010.

The Navy says the exercises provide crews the opportunity to practice tactics, targeting and firing at surface targets. It says this enhances combat readiness.

Source: Hawaii news now. 19 July 2012

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