18 June 2012

Germany and China work towards ‘greener’ ship recycling:

Germany/China: Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and the China National Ship Recycling Association (CNSA) have signed a memorandum of understanding committing them to investing their mutual knowledge and resources in promoting green ship recycling in China. Their efforts will centre on improving research practice and setting up a range of training programmes and pilot projects.

The agreement was signed at the Beijing workshop on the ‘Early Implementation of the Technical Standards of the Hong Kong Convention in China’. According to Gerhard Aulbert, GL Vice President & Area Manager of Greater China, the decision to join forces ‘underlines the commitment of the Chinese ship recycling industry to reducing the environmental impact of a ship, through to the end of its useful life cycle’.

CNSA President Xie Dehua said he shared Mr Aulbert’s hopes that ‘intensive long-term collaboration’ would focus the partners more clearly in finding a sustainable approach to ship recycling. ‘It is my belief that a good collaboration by both sides in training, pilot projects and funding is of immediate significance for exploring and attaining the goal of greener ship recycling,’ he said.

To help ensure that ship recycling yards comply with a stricter environmental regime, GL and the GNSA have promised a programme to familiarise workers and management with incoming regulations and requirements.

Building on the foundations set by the Hong Kong Convention, which will come into force in 2015, workers will be brought up to speed on how to treat hazardous materials correctly, while yard managements will be trained in preparing a ‘Ship Recycling Facility Plan’, a set of procedures designed to prevent accidents and spills.

For more information, visit: www.gl-group.com

Source: Recycling International. 18 June 2012

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