02 May 2012

GMS weekly report on Bangladesh shipbreaking industry for WEEK 17 of 2012:

The Bangladeshi revival showed few signs of slowing this week with several more high profile and high priced deals concluded at impressive numbers.

There was demand for virtually every type of unit - including reefers with non-ferrous - as end buyers really started to show their hand following months of weakened activity post-opening.

The timing of this most recent return to form could not have been better as chief competitors India and China endured slumps of their own with the monsoon season approaching.

Of the deals that were done for the week, the Ukrainian built OKEAN type GOOD UNION (13,630 LDT) was perhaps the most eye catching of the lot - fetching an unprecedented USD 493/LT LDT for a dry unit The favorable size and country of build (Ukrainian types are usually rich in non-ferrous) contributed to the high price on show.

In two other market deals, GEMADEPT of Vietnam sold two of their smaller container types GREAT PRIDE (3,634 LDT) and STELLAR PACIFIC (3,632 LDT) for a price just excess USD 482/LT LDT en bloc.

Finally/ US controlled SIBONEY BELLE was reportedly resold locally, after trading buyers failed to lodge the deposit at a whopping USD 493/LT LDT. The relatively good condition, bronze spare propeller blade and excess 250 Tons of ROB contributed to the price

Source: Steel Guru (Sourced from GMS Weekly). 1 May 2012

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