04 May 2012

Asia's Largest Shipbreaking Yard Opposes State Plan:

Gujarat government's plan to upgrade the Alang Ship Recycling Yard opposed by the operators

The Japan-backed ambitious $22-million plan of the Gujarat government to upgrade the Alang Ship Recycling Yard, which is the largest in Asia, has run into rough weather with recyclers finding the project environmentally and financially non-viablle, reports 'The Indian Express'.

Alang Ship Recyclers Association has made it clear to the Gujarat Maritime Board that they are not in a position to go for the project that involves construction of a dry dock, improvement of existing plots and creating other facilities.

Recylcers say the upgrade plan may bring 30-odd more ships to Alang for dismantling, but it will also mean financial stress by way of increased debt, besides a new set of rules and regulations by International Maritime Organisation convention to contend with.

The project was proposed to Chief Minister Narendra Modi by a Japanese delegation comprising leading ship builders from Japan in February this year. The delegation had twice visited Alang in Bhavnagar district.

Located in Bay of Khambhat, Alang has an ideal environment for ship-breaking because of extreme high and low tides. On an average 425 ships are recycled here on annually on over 100 plots using a methodology called beaching.

Source: MarineLink (Sourced from The Indian Express). 2 May 2012

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