02 April 2012

ShipBreaking and Scrap Usage:

The act of dismantling a ship in such a manner so that its scrap materials can be recycled and used is called ship-breaking. The shipbreaking activity is normally done in dry docks, dismantling slips or piers. Shipbreaking is a complex activity that involves a range of accomplishments like removing equipments and gears and then recycling the complete infrastructure of the ship. Being a complex and challenging process owning to its structural complexity, shipbreaking involves many environmental, health and safety issues. Shipbreaking activities have been regulated in dry docks; however, shipbreaking along the beaches have not be subjected to adequate control.

Breaking redundant old ships enables the scrap material like steel used in the ship to be recycled and reused. Through this method not only the waste material is used but also offers lower expenditure in comparison to the money that might be spent in importation or processing of iron ores.

Source: My Ship Broker. By Ankit. 16 July 2009

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