06 March 2012

Shipbreaking site:

For all the Followers (and Readers) who were ever at sea and wondered what happened to their old ships, there is a cool site Shipbreaking.com run by Robin de Bois (Robin Hood) which issues quarterly summaries of all the ships that have been scrapped and their history.

You'll have to just 'grin and bear' the anti-scrapping, anti-FOC commentary but the information is really well researched and has photos of many of the ships in their former glory. If you'd like to see a shipping graveyard, go to the port of Nouadhibou, Mauritania in GoogleEarth.

Local officials accepted "small cash facilitation payments" from to Owners of old fishing boats to abandon them in the harbour. - the result, hundred of dumped vessel rafted up, beached or partially sunk in the harbour. True environmental vandalism.

Source: Antipodean Mariner. 28 February 2012

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