07 March 2012

Italy: 'Love Boat' sold to demolition company:

Genoa, 7 March (AKI) - Love sometimes ends badly. Such is the case for the Pacific Princess cruise ship, that was featured in the hit 1970s and 80s television program "Love Boat."

The 376 metre vessel, rechristened Princess in 2002, was sold for 2.5 million euros to Turkish demolition company Cemsan, Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported.

The ship's sale came after its owner failed to pay a Genoa, Italy company a six million euros tab for asbestos removal and refurbishment, the daily said. The Love Boat's sale had been the centre of a law suite for fraud in a US court.

The American sitcom, aired on American ABC television network from 1977-1986, featured the love and problems of the ships crew and passengers.

The ship was build in 1971 in West Germany for $25 miilion.

Source: Adkronos International. 7 March 2012

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