15 March 2012

Greek ships recycled in Turkey:

The crisis-hit Greek maritime sector is sending its ships to Turkey for recycling, Dogan news agency said yesterday. 

Some 85% of the ships sent to Aliaga in the Aegean province of Izmir for recycling so far this year came from Greece, said Adem Simsek, the head of the Ship Recyclers’ Association. In 2011, 341 ships from Greece were sent to Turkey for recycling, while the figure was 67 in the first quarter of 2012, Simsek said. 

Ships recycled in Turkey have been notorious for asbestos. “[But] there is no asbestos problem in recycling the [Greek] ships, as they were manufactured after 1980,” said Ersin Çevikel, director of waste management at the association.

Source: The Daily News. 15 March 2012

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