30 March 2012

"Ghost Fleet" ship departs area Friday:

A ship from the James River Reserve Fleet departed the area Friday.

The Cape Cod, which was scheduled to leave earlier in the month, leaves 13 ships in the "ghost fleet" located off Fort Eustis.

The vessel was sold for recycling to ESCO Marine Inc., Department of Transportation Spokeswoman Kim Riddle, wrote in an email. The company is located in Brownsville, Texas.

The USS Cape Cod was built in San Diego, California, by the National Steel and Shipbuilding Company and launched on August 2, 1980. The vessel was the third Yellowstone-class destroyer tender and was specially designed to service the Spruance-class destroyers, the Truxtun-class cruisers and Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates, according to Riddle.

The vessel entered the James River Reserve Fleet in September 2000 and was officially transferred to the Maritime Administration in July 2001, according to Riddle.

Source: Daily Press. By Ashley Kelly. 30 March 2012

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