22 February 2012

Frenchman captures sound of India's soul:

AHMEDABAD: "He is a storyteller, who relates his stories through images, tinkers, chimes and noises," was how Sekhar Mukherjee, discipline coordinator and faculty member at NID's animation film department introduced French music composer Eryck Abecassis to the audience. Performing under the aegis of Alliance Francaise d'Ahmedabad, the musician-composer showed a glimpse of his storytelling prowess on Friday evening through an experimental and thought-provokingly abstract composition, 'NoisIndia'.

Beginning the evening with a short pure electronic composition, Eryck moved on to the multimedia piece NoisIndia, based on the story of ship-recycling yards, particularly the one in Alang. The piece unraveled an environment evocative of pain and tension. Eryck juxtaposed montages with sound to tell a tale of death, both in its physicality and in its abstract overtones.

The sounds that Eryck used in his compositions were mundane, known noises - like the horn of a car, the stepping up of the accelerator, or the crickets creaking. Overwhelming hammering sounds of the shipbreaking yard finally submerged other sounds, including workers' voices. A kite on an ominous prowl over the city only increased the tension. The images showing the complete anonymity of the sailors' costumes hanging from poles and their personal belongings, along with the banality of metal and din in dislodged condition reached a crescendo with the increasing thunder of the hammering and breakage.

The audience reacted to the music with a barrage of questions after the performance. Eryck while laughingly agreeing that his compositions were not 'rock and roll' told them how for him it is about open tempo and texture. "Music, before being an acoustic arrangement, is about relation with people," says Eryck, "For me, even the change in frequency expresses emotion. I am not concerned with happiness in music, and NoisIndia is about pain."

Source: Times of India. 18 February 2012

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