22 January 2012

TradeWinds Ship Recycling Forum 2012:

12 March 2012 - 13 January 2012 | Singapore |
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New regulations mean that owners, operators and designers must look along the entire lifeline of a vessel, considering the management of hazardous material not only in operation but right through to recycling. 

The Trade Winds Ship Recycling Forum 2012 will examine the latest technology, regulations and trends in recycling and GL will be right there, showing how owners can benefit from an integrated programme to manage hazardous materials throughout a vessels lifecycle.

GL at TradeWinds Ship Recycling Forum 2012:

During the Ship Recycling Forum in Singapore, Gerhard Aulbert, GL’s Global Head of Practice Ship Recycling, will give a presentation on "Side effects of raised awareness on HazMats: How can Shipowners deal with the risks?"

Managing Hazardous Materials:

There are many hazardous materials which are in daily use in the seafaring environment: in ship operations, housekeeping, maintenance and repair, and in construction. GL offers a comprehensive and integrated programme to identify, manage and mitigate the impact of hazardous materials onboard a vessel through its entire life cycle. To learn more please see GL’s latest brochure: “Managing the hidden hazards on board ships” (http://www.gl-group.com/pdf/0E012_HazMats_Survey.pdf).

To see the complete Ship Recycling Forum's programme please visit the official website (http://www.nhstevents.com/events/ship-recycling-forum-2012/).

For more information please contact: hazmat@gl-group.com

Source: GL Group.

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