24 January 2012

Fundamentals To Look For Regarding Ship Recycling:

Ship Recycling Yard
There are many types of recycling taking place today and in the future everything in theory should be able to be recycled. Ship recycling is one means of recycling that that offers the possibility to reuse parts and equipment of a ship. Steel can be recycled into new steel and both copper and aluminum can also be recycled in a similar way. By doing this we reuse our natural resources.

Although the principles and intentions behind the recycling of ships is sound, many shipyards do not adopt environmental standards. The Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships in May 2009 provided some standards that should be adopted. Companies wanting to enter the ship recycling industry or companies wanting to utilize the services of a recycling ship company should keep these next few fundamental tips in mind when looking to recycle their ships.

  • International regulations state that ship owners need to equip their new and existing ships with inventories of hazardous materials. This also includes shipyards that offer barge builders.
  • A step before recycling would be to sell existing ships to be used still.
  • A ship should be rigorously checked – via radiation surveys, hazardous material audits and samplings and other measures before it is delivered to a recycling yard for recycling ensuring the safety of the surrounding environment.
  • One should also ensure that the chosen facility has professionally trained staff and appropriate safety and environmental protection procedures in place.
These important fundamental regulations will benefit the core outcome of green ship recycling. The intention of recycling the ships is there but it should also be done in a green manner to offer holistic sustainability. 

This approach will help to ensure -
  • minimize the environmental impact, 
  • reduce the occurrence of oil spills, 
  • no discharge of toxic waste, 
  • proper dealing with asbestos, 
  • no burning of cables, 
  • proper refrigerant recovery, 
  • recycling of all recyclable materials and 
  • environmentally sound disposal of all materials. 
  • ensure a safe and secure working environment for ship recycling staff.

Whether you need boat repairs or ship recycling handled or you want to utilize ship recycling at your shipyard, these are fundamentals in the process of the recycling of ships.

Source: Eco Blog. 24 January 2012

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