03 December 2011

Shipbreaking industry, "second five" plan being developed:

Reporters 2, learned from the Ministry of Transport is developing in the <<shipbreaking industry, 'second five'>> draft, 'second five' shipbreaking industry in China will strive to achieve the dismantling Hulk total 5 million -600 million tons of light.

Bill pointed out that China will strengthen the construction of shipbreaking industry legislation, regulate the flow of the Hulk, the implementation of fixed-point dismantling, to stamp out illegal shipbreaking, green strategy, to carry out clean production, promote green shipbreaking brand-building, positive publicity, promoting circular economy and building conducive to the development of shipbreaking industry platform and network system, focusing on ship dismantling recycling domestic waste, improve the supply capacity of the Hulk and the high value resource utilization.

Reporters learned that from late October, led by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Communications and China associations shipbreaking research group, in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and operation of research shipbreaking industry and difficulties in seeking further support the introduction of shipbreaking industry development policy to ensure that the domestic ship recycling industry can be healthy and orderly development.

It is understood that the 'Eleventh Five-Year' period, the shipbreaking industry's contribution to energy saving is: save 7.25 million tons ore, reducing the 18(http://www.f-paper.com/).45 million tons of iron ore mining native, saving 2.52 million tons of standard coal, 11.84 million tons of water consumption, 1.18 million tons of limestone, saving nearly 81 million tons capacity, reduce 7.69 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Informed sources said that the current difficulties facing the Chinese shipbreaking companies focused on tax and Fei Gangchuan purchase price. In accordance with existing laws and regulations, domestic shipbreaking purchase of Fei Gangchuan input VAT invoices can not be issued, which means was not finished in the Fei Gangchuan dismantling of foreign sales, through the sales tax for items deductible, while the 17% tax shipbreaking yards and ship owners are selling can not afford, so the shipbreaking yards in recent years there has been domestic more of a dismantling of the phenomenon of foreign Fei Gangchuan this end, shipbreaking research group, or reflect the situation up, put more support further development of shipbreaking industry policy to ensure that Chinese shipbreaking industry, a healthy and orderly development.

Source: Free Paper, World News. 3 December 2011

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