06 December 2011

MARINA supports ship recycling industry:

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) is encouraging the growth of the ship recycling industry in the country to comply with the international safety and environmental standards under the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships 2009.

MARINA Administrator Emerson Lorenzo has underscored the importance for the Philippines to receive the International Maritime Organization (IMO) capacity building program.

"If the government will implement the ship retirement program covering ships 31 years old and above under RA 9295, there are around 384 domestic ships of different sizes plying the domestic trade projected to be retired," said Lorenzo.

"Still to be considered are foreign registered ships that have reached the end of their operating lives. If the Philippines so decides to become a ship recycling country, this is the number of ships projected to undergo ship recycling," Lorenzo added.

He stressed the importance of preparing and implementing a national action plan to address some concerns leading to the ratification of this Convention," Lorenzo added.

Source: JCTrans.net. 5 December 2011

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